Save Our Neighborhoods!

The Marietta-Cobb Action Alliance (MCAA)

We are a grassroots community-based group dedicated to saving our community from development that will harm our neighborhoods. Our current fight is Nexus Gardens, City of Marietta case Z2020-34.

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Stop the Rezoning!

Don't let bad plans ruin Marietta or Cobb Neighborhoods!

See below for a quick view of where they want to rezone to build a monster complex in the middle of a quiet neighborhood!

What is going on?
High-density housing with poor oversight is threatening our neighborhood!

  • Steve Macauley wants to rip up 19 homes on Meadowbrook Drive, Virginia Place, SE, and throw up a mixed-use development that includes over 45,000 feet of retail/restaurant space, 176-unit apartment complex, 160-unit senior living apartments, a 5-story parking garage and 39 townhomes. What is he thinking?

Download the complete Z2020-34 rezoning application here (large file)

Why should I care?

This directly impacts you If you travel along Powers Ferry Road to access the 120 Loop or I-75 or live in Cobb County!

  • This development and rezoning application plans to cram almost 400 units back there and they have NO plans to help mitigate traffic. This means even more of an endless traffic nightmare at the Loop and Powers Ferry Road intersection.

  • This development directly targets one of the last areas of affordable single-family housing in the area. It will literally rip a quiet residential street apart in two. Remember! A giant high-density complex in this quiet neighborhood today means your neighborhood is not safe tomorrow!

  • We voted in our elected officials into their positions so they could make our community better! A community is nothing without the people and their neighborhoods!

What can I do?

Show up! Write emails! Keep the conversation going!

  • Use the form below to add your email address. We will send you updates, reminders to show up, email templates to send!

  • The City of Marietta is most active on the NextDoor platform and they do respond to public outcry! Click here to join the Marietta-Cobb Alliance NextDoor group for discussion and instructions on how to keep this issue in front of the city!

  • SHOW UP AT THE MEETINGS! Details below

Show your support in person!

Marietta City Council Meeting
Date: Wednesday, April 14, 2021
Time: 7:00 pm
Place: City Hall Chamber 205 Lawrence Street, Marietta, GA 30060

How to Find Out More and Get Involved!

Facebook group

Nextdoor group -- Join for the most up to date info

Download Rezoning application packet for the Ward 6

ADD Planning Commission Meeting - This group makes a recommendation to the City Council to vote Yes or No

City Council Meeting Information - The City Council vote decides the issue If you can only make it to one meeting, this is the one! - We aren't the only ones going through this. The same developer is doing something very similar just 1,500 feet across Powers Ferry Road!